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9781108717076 Art and Me: Senior Visual Arts Stage 6; Teacher Resource Package Hulsbosch, Guihot, Fitzgerald, Randall $99.95
9780170347280 Studio: Design at Work Donald Williams, Chris Bates(Consultant) $90.95
9780170198059 Photographic and Digital Media: Ideas and Actions Chris Bates $91.95
9780170360357 In Our Own Image: The Story of Australian Art: 4th Edition Donald Williams $96.95
9780170218429 Caves to Canvas; Textbook and CD: 3rd Edition Donald Williams, Barbara Wilson $92.95
9781742163512 Senior Artwise Visual Arts 11-12; 2nd Edition; Textbook and eBookPlus Glenis Israel $85.00
9780855835378 Handbook of Art Revised; Textbook Colleen Fry, Graham Hopwood $69.95
9781877085147 Excel Revise in a Month HSC Visual Arts Craig Malyon $26.95
9781922394958 ATAR Notes: Visual Arts NSW Year 12 Complete Course Notes; (2022-2024) Madeleine Wainwright $32.00
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9780170221252 In Tune With Music; Book 2: 4th Edition Ian Dorricott, Bernice Allan $80.95
9780170221276 In Tune With Music; Book 2; Score Book: 4th Edition Ian Dorricott, Bernice Allan $90.95
9780170221269 In Tune With Music; Book 2; CD Set: 4th Edition Ian Dorricott, Bernice Allan $220.95
9780170221283 In Tune With Music; Book 2; Teacher’s Manual: 4th Edition Ian Dorricott, Bernice Allan $107.95
9780170219198 An Introduction to the Concepts of Music; A Book for Senior Music; Textbook and CD Nick Peterson $92.95
9780170259712 The Opera and Music Theatre Resource; Textbook and CD Dr Geoff Lowe, Su-Lyn Chong $205.95
9780170400558 The Jazz and Rock Resource; Teacher Resource; Textbook and CD Dr Geoff Lowe $220.95
9780170350419 Exploring Film Music Ian Dorricott, Bernice Allan $84.95
9780170211116 Exploring Film Music; Teacher Manual Ian Dorricott, Bernice Allan $100.95
9780170199025 Exploring Film Music; Score Reading Book Ian Dorricott, Bernice Allan $100.95
9780170222846 Exploring Film Music; CD Set Ian Dorricott, Bernice Allan $140.95
9780855835644 Music Composition Toolbox; Textbook and CD Matt Hindson, Damian Barbeler, Diana Blom $72.95
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9780170354783 Dance for Senior Students; Textbook: 2nd Edition Barbara Snook $62.95
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9780170419987 Living Drama Student Book with 4 Access Codes: 5th Edition Bruce Burton $80.95
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9781741309287 More than a Job: Preparing for a Career in Retailing; Textbook Peter Freeman, Roy Killen $42.95
9781741256222 Excel HSC - Information Processes and Technology Study Guide; Paperback Cooper, Johnstone, Lowbridge, Jim Smith $40.95
Back to the Top AGRICULTURE
9780170265560 Dynamic Agriculture Years 11-12 Lisle Brown, R Hindmarsh, R McGregor $94.95
9781741254594 Senior Australian Agriculture (4th Edition); Paperback Anne Clark $49.95

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