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9781107435124 Cambridge HSC Personal Development Health and Physical Education; Print and Digital Hawgood, James, Osborn, Ponsen, et al $79.95
9781316116883 Cambridge HSC PDHPE; Teacher Resource Package Hawgood, James, Osborn, Ponsen, et al $149.95
9780170366007 Sport, Lifestyle & Recreation; Textbook Liley, Eussen, Grego, Stasos, Vandervelde $76.95
9780170386524 Dynamic PDHPE for HSC; Student Book with NelsonNet Crowe, Lowe, Boyd, Eussen, Liley, Winslade $87.95
9780170389587 Exploring Early Childhood Louise Weihen $73.95
9780730365525 Jacaranda Outcomes 2 PDHPE HSC Course; 6th Ed; Textbook & eBookPLUS + studyON Ron Ruskin, Kim Proctor, David Neeves $85.00
9780730356653 Jacaranda Outcomes 2 PDHPE HSC Course 6th Edition; Teacher eGuidePLUS Ron Ruskin, Kim Harper $114.95
9780855836245 Dot Point HSC PDHPE; Textbook Wayne Cox, Marcus Sollner $49.95
9781741253085 Excel HSC and Preliminary - PDHPE Study Guide; Paperback Fay Courtney, David Thomas $40.95
9781922394903 ATAR Notes: HSC PDHPE Complete Course Notes (2022-2024) Jamie Manalaotao, Reiley Dunlop $32.00
9781009093705 Cambridge Checkpoints NSW Personal Development, Health and Physical Ed Year 12 2022-2023 Gareth Hawgood, Andrew Ponsen $32.95
9780170347990 Nelson Community and Family Studies: Preliminary and HSC; Textbook Beattie, Girvan, Rayner, Rayner, Bell $79.95
9780170443258 Community and Family Studies HSC Workbook with 1 26 Month Access Code Beth Girvan, Louise Weihen $36.95
9780170302548 Nelson Community and Family Studies: Preliminary and HSC Student Book + Preliminary Workbook + HSC Workbook pack with 1 x 26 month access code Beth Girvan, Louise Weihen $104.95
9781009093521 Cambridge Checkpoints HSC Community and Family Studies 2022-2023 Kelly Bell, Kate Rayner $32.95
9781922394248 ATAR Notes Community and Family Studies; NSW Year 12; 2021-2023 Kaitlyn Seymour $32.00

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